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Related article: Date : Wed, March 12, 2011 22 02 -0600 53rd From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 4 to n Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 4 broken tears : com u003e issue. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thanks to Stephen for the treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. -------------------------------------------- - --------------------------- ---- Recap - I returned home and went to my room. I took a blanket and placed on the father, and he muttered a thanks and went to sleep again over again. I Walkerd in my room and balcony. I looked toward the horizon, was a beautiful sunset, a sunset, which is so pure, so natural, and so easy. This means closing one end of the chapter called days. Maybe that's what I needed, a sunset in the chapter called pain. A stray tear my eyes and saw the sunset. ----------------------------------------------- - - --------------------------- Characters character Tyler Mark Tyler, brother n Jeff: the best friend of Marcos TOM : Mark and Jeff friend Jenni : Mark 's girlfriend Doug : Mark friend Jane: Doug 's girlfriend Li: Tyler Best friend Dina, sister Jenni Trev and Jeremy ( Jermz ): in Denmark \\ \\ n Brandon : Bully Mark father, the father of Tyler, but for simplicity as dad n Ms. Cambry : Theater Master *** ********************* Day first.. n - Chapter 4 ************************ I woke up bathed in sweat, breathing hard, and my heart beat most strongly in the speed. I had the worst nightmare ever! It was horrible! I was walkingthe school hallways. Most students looked at me, and after n blue, which pushed me into a closet. Hours passed, and he did come to me out. He did it just to hit me and pushed me again. It was so horrible! I was scared ! N " TYLER ! Getting ready for school. You have an hour! " My father cried : down. went to the bathroom, I took a hot shower, and I looked in the mirror. My hair was wet, and my blue eyes looked sad and annoying. I towel-dried hair and went to my room. I dressed in beige slacks and a green shirt button, hidden in places me in a hoodie. My hair was covered with the hood, but to see my horse and I fell perfectly the front and half of my eyes. " Hey, Dad. " I said as I walked into the kitchen. " Listen, my son. Bacon and eggs? " He asked as he hugged me good morning. " Yes " I replied, as in the SA board was looking at my phone and text messages when in Mark wore a polo shirt walked,loose jeans, , and a denim jacket. He looked so hot. " Hey jet. You really are a nerd. " He said, laughing, hugs me, and kissed me on the head. ".. Sorry, I'm not an athlete does not feel compelled to talk to me in school," I said : as I got up and turned into the garden. I went to the small plant roses growing green begun, and I leaned over and touched him. " Wish me luck, Mom. " I said as I sat opposite him. " Hey, you know that Mark is not embarrassing for you, you know ?" My father told me, as n He sat beside me and gave me my meal. " It's just that I really am a geek. I dress like one, I wear glasses, and also be obtained directly above all things. Do not want to embarrass Mark in the school. People will make fun of him for a brother like me. "I down said, fighting back tears. " He loves you. He is in the kitchen almost mourn, because you're angry is... what you think. He hurts, " my father told me as she rubbed her back, and I n I finished my meal. " OK, I'll talkhim. "I said and stood up. My father was there, and I vi back and forth in a conversation with him. I opened the glass door and entered the kitchen. Mark was looking for \\ \\ n eat slowly and sadly, very unlike him. " Hey, Mark. Unfortunately, I did a currently untapped. I'm just on the edge here. Afraid I have school and stuff, so please do not be angry with me. I I love you. "I said when I approached him and hugged him. " I was afraid that I do something that hurts, he said. I swear that would not hurt,forever! " He said he hugged me. " I know. Now eat, so they can go. "He said as he smiled and began to eats her food. We left the house, and Mark took us to school. My heart beating so fast. We have in school, and Mark parked his car. I jumped out and looked over the school, and it looked pretty big. There were a lot of children arrive at school. I gulped and looked around, and I Tom and Jenni saw approaching us. Well, that was Jenni. running " Baby! How are you? "Jenni said she hugged me and hugged me. " OK, how about you? "He said, she returned the hug. N " Great. Have you had a good breakfast? "Asked about my face. " Yes, it was good. "I said smiling. " Ok. You look great today. "She said when she kissed my cheek. I blushed and looked down. " Hey, baby. "Tom said he hugged me, too. " Hello, Tom. "I told crippled by his strong arms. " Ready for school ? "I asked, still hugging me. " Yes, I will not do, if I let go, but. "I said. Giggles " It's just that you're too good to keep the back. "I said as I kissed cheek. I blushed when I shot. I looked back on the floor, and patted it my ​​cheek. " Tom, Mark Jenni "Jeff said a very angry look. " Hello, Jeff. "I said smiling. I looked up and smiled. " Hi, baby. "He hugged me and kissed me on the head when I think arms around his stomach. " Hey, guys. Stop groping my brother. It seems that everyone here WANn ts have his way with him. Never give this type of care. "Said Mark stew done to make us laugh. " Where are Don and Jane? "I asked, looking around, if n Jeff let me go. " probably make it in a closet or something. "Tom said, laughing. " He needed to know. Stop corrupting. "Jenni said, since n Tom suggested. ------ talked for a while and finally on the way to school. N D by the band left, the only grade 10 forward was. I in 9 th grade, so I have at the wing B. I walked down the aisle, and s it was the guy who had a nightmare about the type who beat the crap out of from me. was for me, and I cowered in fear. My breathing began to acceleration, and then I felt it. " Move it,poof! " Said the man when I hit the closet. Was at least 5'9 in height," seemed about my age, and was quite bulky, but not both. I looked up and saw him smiling at me. I walked down the hall, front of the office, hung his headlow, and I could feel the social awkwardness. I came to the principal's office and gave me my expected. I took it and ran for room 303, the third thought that floor, third room. I ran up the stairs and turned to the door of my classes. I felt strange, somehow anxious and nervous. English class was one of the my ​​favorite topics. I knocked and waited a while, and after a few time n , maybe a minute or so, a thin-looking old woman opened the door. that smiled at me. "Hello. My name is Tyler Jacobs, and I 'm new here. " I said, and gave my information. She read it and looked at me. " Welcome, Tyler. Come in. I'm Mrs. Cadbury. " He smiled and went within me. I stood there in front of other students, paralyzed, and I caught a glimpse of the rackets. He looked at me and Preteen Models Nude a mischievous smile in the face. " Now, students have a newcomer this year. His name is Tyler Jacobs Sanct D '. Please make you feel welcome too. " She said that when he sawI. that asked me to remove my hoodie, so people can see me better. I did this and set my ​​horse so that only covered the left eye, but not both. " He is cute as a baby. " Said a voice in the back. The room roared laughter. I blushed and looked at the girl, he said, and was a beautiful girl with brown skin. His skin looked like peanut butter and I saw his face. Jenni seemed ! I did it my way and sat down beside her. S s "Hello. Are you Jenni 's sister ? " I asked politely. " Yes, you must be the brother of Mark, do you? My sister told me it was sweet, , but somehow fell short. " She said with a smile on his face. " Well, thank you. " I said, looking down. We talked a little more than of class, and minutes later a ball of paper flew to me. I opened it, and s said hello. I looked and saw Li waves to me, and I was immediately all n smiles. " Ughh. Your friends with Li? " Dina said. " Yes, it's great. " I smiled. ", a bimbo, which is what it is. " She said,displeased. "Why do not you like ? She seems nice. " I said, annoying kind. " We were best friends, but thanks to Carly, the school slut, she changed, , and thus is not the same ! " Said Dina, in a tone of sadness. " Well, maybe things change again. " I said with a grin. " Well, maybe. " She said smiling. The class was a bit boring, but I like the teachers did. a English, I packed and went on my way out the door. " Move it queer! " I heard the noise as he pushed me off the road and crashed outside the classroom. " Who's there? " Said he kind of annoying. " He has Pears Brandon. He is like the future athlete peers. " Said Li with a little excitement too. "Do you like ? " I asked incredulously. How can someone like a donkey? !. " Well, he's beautiful. " Sighed dreamily. Well, that was true. that is beautiful, has a square jaw and muscle function, the jet black hair and green eyes. His hair was friendly, no gel, which enables you did good. " Well,I give you, but that does not belong to the personality, and seems to be s the problem. "I said irritably. " Yes, it is saved. He is always annoying nerd boys. "Li said, I looked up and down. N " I like myself and my way to start dressing not. "I said with a smile " Yeah, well, you're the only one. "She said, laughing, when pushed. " So what 's going on between you and Dina? " I asked curiously. " is something that Carly is a child, and Dina. We stopped to talk cause. I miss them sometimes. "She said, looking down. " Well, my goal this year will be to bring the two together. "I said smiling in width. " Well, good luck, UGLY! " 'He said, entered the room. Segui, laugh when we had it in our next class. Thank God that rapidly all my classes, and the three classes that do not share, I've had with Dina, so I did not want to be alone. classes were really great, I met this man, Jeremy, and this other guy, Trevor. they were fine for me, especially Trev, and also, if I I first saw it almost fell off my chair. He is very cute, 5'8 ", hair brown, which is thin, but has some definition in his arms and legs, and playing football. We talked a lot about the classes. after a while I came pretty well adjusted after noon, and that made ​​me nervous. All the stories you hear about being alone, and people dirty looks, this was not something that was waiting for. I went to the cafeteria with Li by my side, and went to me my tray and my food. it looked pretty good, actually. I \\ \\ n looked around, I looked and paid on a table. I was with Preteen Models Nude Li, , but they went out and sit around the kind of fresh. She told me that n was sorry, but that does not bother me. She even hugged me before all, and maybe I was asked not to come, as Brandon was there, , and indeed, I have ignored the invitation. My eyes wandered in the space and landed in a Preteen Models Nude vacuum table, and I 'm crazys my way to it and sat down. I was chewing food, and a few minutes later, someone touched me return. I turned to Trevor, Jeremy, and Dina to see behind me. I smiled to them, sat with me and had a good meal. We speak of classes and what we like to do, and that was fine until Brandon went to our table. I saw, I looked again, our eyes closed , and he smiled. I have an excuse and said I had to use the bathroom, , but it was too late. He was already there, and he looked at me with bad eyes. " Well, you have friends. I'm surprised that people like snuff at this school ! ' S said, many people laughed. I felt my face red and tears soaking my eyes. Trevor and Jeremy stood up and said Brandon out, but he just laughed and moved on me. shed my clothes tray my s and ran off, laughing. Dina gave me a sad look like Trevor Jermz. you looked embarrassed, here with me, and tears began to fall down my ​​cheeks. I got up and looked down as I made ​​my way to the cafeteria almost. I went into the bathroom and started cleaning my T -shirt. The stain of pizza sauce did not vanish, and I felt a big mess. I I went to the principal's office, but before arriving there, a teacher stopped Preteen Models Nude and asked what had happened. I told her everything, and looked at me with sympathetic eyes and told me to follow. that in the drama school, and took me backstage. His name was Cambry Dorothy, and she was the drama teacher. She seemed a little eccentric, so that somehow makes sense. She told me she was going to get some clothes , and that I should wait here. He looked at me and smiled and said : it was fine. I was alone in the theater, on stage, and I was in the empty seats. This theater of the school was quite large, with at least 1 000 or more seats. I looked around the stage, and there was, most of the piano I've ever seen. There was a large white classic pianOh, and I went to. It looked so shiny and perfect, and the touch that made ​​me tremble. I sat in the comfy chair in front of him and began to play. Sound was perfect in every way, and the echo in the room was the best. I s sad, sing and I wanted everyone to leave. Then I remembered that a A few years ago me and my mother saw the X -Factor, and Leona Lewis. I remember me and my mother's choice not to leave to ensure that they have earned. that s voice was so pure and perfect. Connecting a song called Run, , Preteen Models Nude and was singing the most beautiful song I've heard. My mother loved me s lot, and used it as a lullaby when we sleep together. she always has hugged me and sang in Preteen Models Nude his ear, and made them focus on a specific part of lyrics. The light, the light, as if you have a choice, even if you can not hear, I have no voice s, I am the same with you, my dear. This was the best part. She has always felt sure of myself, and I always said, me how big it was. Thanks to her. I have never beenEsteem questions. Sure, I 'm shy, but I never have hated. I've always loved his mother, and I miss her so much. I returned from my flashback and started playing the piano career. I I and my mother thought that everything done together, laugh n kitchen, bathroom and. We even danced around the living room like crazy. It was so good for me, so perfect and so pure. I needed them, and I felt so alone, so helpless. Sometimes children want their mom, right? ? No matter how old you are. I played and sang. I'll sing once more for you we have to go really. They were s the only good thing is a long life... Now I can barely look at you, but every time I know what to do anywhere away from here. be The light, the light, as if you have a choice, even if you can not hear the voice of my s, I am with you, my dear. Light, light, and we'll run for our lives. I can hardly speak. I understand why you raise your voice to say... Run - Leona LewisI finished the song and smiled to myself. He was not crying, but I felt happy, happy mother that I remember the good things together and is not the bad things that have happened. Maybe so, and to mourn is not normal, relaxed, but singing me and makes me think and feel relief. " Not bad. " I heard the voice say behind me. I looked around and saw Mrs. Cambry kept some clothes in his hands. "Thank you. It's my way of relaxing. " I smiled. "We could use a voice like yours here. " She smiled. "I would like to know that, " I said, a little excited, which made ​​her laugh. " We could do with a ballad in one of our shows, and you have a perfect voting to it. Now change, Pizza Boy. " She said, laughing at his own joke. " Thanks. " I took the clothes, I went backstage, and moved to white jeans and a n. t -shirt looked a little is good, but not my ​​dress at all. At least it was covered with pizza, though. "Thanks for everthing, Ms. Cambry. I go to my last class. Is the first day, and have seen many times before. "I said laughing. " I talked to the teacher on the way up here, do not bother. Well, practice n here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So today, after school youth. " She said when she made her way out of the room. took my bag, left also, and I have it just in time for math n. The room was full, and the only place open was one of Brandon. I went and sat down, and I ignored him, as you think it care about me a fag. n "Hey, you bastard ! I'm talking to you! "I was almost crying. Many people looked at us, and I turned to him. " Yes, Brandon? "I said with anxiety in his voice. " Now you hear me? " Asked sour. " I'm sorry. It just does not realize, as a fag. "I said humbly. " Well, then the animal needs of its kind. " He said many people laughed. " Ok. "I said, defeated, as I turned my attention to the teacher and kept my the head down. Time passed, and the whole class, Preteen Models Nude Brandon hit my arm, as n me names and threw paper balls at me. I ignored him and let him go, and called the school bell. I sighed and went as fast as I could to runnning stop in Brandon. I went to the bathroom, took a position, and I cried, no noisy. A while later, I got up and washed my face, looked to the mirror, and for the first time in my life, I felt something like was wrong with me. For me it was always the way it was Brandon, , which is that my self esteem. I left the bathroom and my ​​way to the theater. I looked around, where about 30 students, and Dina, Jane, and Li were there, along with Trevor and Jermz. Saw and smiled. I went to Jane for the first time since she had not spoken to in time. " Hey Jane", I said as I hugged her. " Hi, honey. How was your first day?" She said, hugging her back. " Well, I'm being bullied, butI'm fine. "I said smiling. " Tell Mark, Jeff, and Tom, and take care of it. "She said, smiling. " I'll fight my own battles. "I said, watching her. " We all need help sometimes, Superman. "She said, squeezing my cheeks. I nodded and went to Dinah and Trevor Jermz. " Hey, guys. So you are all in the kind of theater? " I asked excitedly. " Well, only Denmark, Trev, and I did. We are just up the team. "Said Jermz smiling. " What is it ? Actor? "Trevor asked me. " singing and piano. I Preteen Models Nude am very bad in acting big! "I said laughing, while n well. I looked around and my eyes fell on Brandon there. That surprised the life out of me. " Brandon on the computer, too? "I asked Trevor. " Well, he has to be here with the team, and remand. He always has jail for harassment. So we see here a lot. "Said Trevor Arts disgust. N " Does not it seem a lot? "I asked. " After what you did in the cafeteria, since none of us is the smallest bits, no Li, andis in love with him as a kick-ass. "Dina said smiling. " Well, you talked to Li? " I asked with a smile. " Well, she came to our table after what Brandon at noon, and spoke of things. We decided to take it easy and see if we can be close to over again! "Dina said with a smile still stuck in the face. " This is great! "I said, when Li was directed to us. " Brandon is an idiot. "LI whispered when she was with us. " I know. He hates me for no reason damn it! "I said, a little too strong. N " Well, he hates them because of the brand. That somehow has beaten very badly by marks the last year and never got over it. "Li said. N ' FUCK! Brand in the past haunts me. First, that girl Carly, and now Brandon! " I said with surprise. " Well, I should say, Mark. " Jermz said with an evil grin. " No, let me deal with it. There is no reason to fight. " I said to strictly. " Ok. I wanted to make your teeth fall out of it. It is said that tooth fairy pays for making teeth twice bullied bully kinshipdo not ruin your business. " Jermz said, laughing Pedro, who made us laugh. " for the class, "said Cambry when he entered the room. The room fell silent almost immediately. \\ \\ N " We have a new member for voice and piano, Tyler Jacobs. " She said that when n waved me on stage. I stood up and greeted me, and Brandon gave me a evil smile. I shrugged and stayed there. n " Sing," said Cambry. "What? "I asked a little nervous. " you have the class what they have to show. That is, as anyone who is not a member crew to come here. " Uhh, okay. " I made my way to the piano and sang for the implementation of the class. that clapped, smiled, clapped and whistled. I was very flattered, but the aspect was lower my pride is Brandon. He looked PISSED I walked away from the stage. The drama club meeting was the discussion Halloween show, and it would be a game and a musical. People in singing was supossed to sing Thriller. It's a difficult song, but hell, it is MJ The meeting ended at 4,and walked out of the room with Dina, Jermz, Trev and Li behind me. " Well, you have to bring someone ? Mark is done with practice, and should be in a few. " I said, looking at them. " Well, I'm not with you, but Mark promised that he would take my sister home with me. " Dina said, smiling. " Oh, I'll go with you? Bummer. " I said, feigning sadness. This has n me a blow on the arm. "Shut up! I love it! " He said. Jermz cringed at that, and I smiled evily. " you love me too. Let's go! " I said, narrow as Jermz. I looked at the mouth " is all about you. " He relaxed and winked. The way home was silent. Mark was very tired, and Dina was almost sleeping on my shoulder in the back seat. We let them out and made ​​our way to our house and talked to Mark for a while before it was the room of his s crashed. I went upstairs and laid me down on the bed, my phone rang. An unknown number appeared on the screen, and opened the phone. " Hello ?" I asked cautiously. "Hey, baby! "Jeff said in the other end. " Hey, Jeff! " He said, grinning from ear to ear. " Well, think about you. Whatcha doing? "Asked his vote deep. " Well, just to sleep. I'm a little tired. Preteen Models Nude "I said yawning. " me too. Football practice was not easy. Preteen Models Nude "He said, yawning. " Mark said the same. He was hitting home. "I said. " Yes, me too. So, I wanted to ask you something. "Jeff said. " Well, what is it? "I asked with interest. " Would you go out with me tomorrow? I want to talk with you. " The asked hopefully. " Ok. I would too! " I cried out in practice, and chuckled. " Ok. It's a date. Bye. "He said as he hung up. to date ? I repeated his words in my head. It's a day ! Ran and drank some water to calm my anxiety. I entered in the garden and breathed a little easier. I looked at the n germinate in the soil, watered, and began to tell my mother to my first days n. relaxes speak, but again could not, but knew thatear. Mothers always listen and always know the mothers. That's why I'm n ever forget mine. I will never forget how you took for granted. -------------------------------------------- - --------------------------- ---- I hope you liked my story so far. Please e- mail to andrewgay41 hotmail. com if you have any comments or if I feel I write more. Just want to know if at least some read people out there. Thanks for reading this : D I hope you have fun as much as I enjoyed writing. If you liked reading this story, please feel sexy REVENGE read. There is another story of mine in the same category. Must be in the n top-30 stories because it has been recently updated. I hope you like what as well as enjoy them. Thank you Stephen! He is one of my new editor, and he is great! I love what I to do this for me, and so it's great. So this story is that n him. : D Stay tuned for the next chapter !
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